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Weitzel.tv  has been from September 2010  making more available the experience, intellect and methodology that Peter Weitzel has successfully applied and grown during 35 plus years of working across the broadcasting industry. 

Peter’s career has covered many areas of broadcasting   all from a secure spine of broadcast projects.  He has worked on Radio and Television studios, lead teams of international standardisation, driving through Ancillary Services – Subtitling  and Audio Description from public policy as well as technically and has investigated and then written the technology strategy for major broadcasters.

 Peter can help you draw out your plans – whether at a business direction, Requirements capture, systems design, and test regimes or even down to how many outputs the equipment should have.  more .....

 And it need not be in broadcasting or technology - his methods and approach work across all aspects of life - even into psychotherapy.

To find out more - look at what I have been doing - including the lecture to the AES Audio over IP
 and what else I can offer or email peter@weitzel.com

 Above all Peter Weitzel is seen as being:-

  • Independent -
  • Maintainer of confidences
  • Knowledgeable – Business of broadcasting, systems, equipment technology
  • Analytic - connected world – joining things up – working with a different view / dimensions

  • With  a broad view
  • Experienced
  • Successful
  • Creative / out of box thinking/
  • Educative…

  • Requirements driven
  • with a Systems view
  • Loving  groups
  • Expert in driving change
  • Well connected with industry





Peter Weitzel  +44 7720 328511 

WeitzelTV Ltd Registered company 7429972

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