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 Strategic planning

Tactical planning

High level Planning

Project Planning

Product planning

 During 2011 I have set up systems in two small organizations to enable them to work more efficiently and give the directors time to think.  This has been for both the Technical and Commercial functions - seeing the synergies between the functions .. and resolving  the differences that impede good business

Service – Systems - Equipment

 Requirements capture

Service definition

Systems design

Equipment specification – business and technical

Connectivity options

 During 2011 I have written  two SLA for support  of AV over IP equipments and systems  covering he whole of the UK.

I was asked to  review  a handbook - and then was  asked to rewrite it from scratch and have written  the specifications for a number of Broadcast IP equipment.  

...and my mind has also been taken up with ensuring that analogue TV systems (including teletext)  still work until DSO in the UK - and thus designing and testing "fixes" as the world changes to accommodate or interface to  digital systems.

 and if that was not enough ...
working with Producers and Format creators on HD OBs and why Apps may be a good thing!


 Audio over IP  (AES jun12)  download slidepack

Where is broadcasting going?

What is broadcasting?

What is …?

          an EPG  (download Slides from RTS 25 May 2011) 

           DVB Subtitles    


           Interactive TV

            Connected TV

            The future for DAB

           Video or audio over IP

            A platform


And other topics as regularly presented to RTS London,(download IBC 2010 slides  and Speech ) the IET and other organisations.

           Download CV

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