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Peter Weitzel talks about what matters to him which make him 

  • be an effective negotiator, with a reputation for integrity and autonomy that resulted in the setting up of standards within the broadcasting industry worldwide.
  • be well versed in the issues and technologies around current and future technologies such as “convergence”, “new platforms” and “new ways of (home) working”
  • have extensive technical expertise, commercial understanding and analytical skills combined with a common sense approach to the challenges of broadcast services old and new.

 Being joined up

 It is the connections which form and make something or someone useful...  Thus I live in a world where connections mean a lot.  It is understanding why there are relationships and how these affect the Present and the future – (and the past – which is why we starting from here and now).

 Being in a group

 No one person can ever achieve great things, and thus always needs others to help achieve the vision.  People often use the word “team” - but I prefer group as this reflects the skills and contribution of each member as set by the group as a whole.  As in all things some structure may be needed from the team approach - and lines of responsibility need to be clear and defined.  There can be great insights within groups and I have been very fortunate to be able to see these and draw out the best from everyone involved and share in their trust.

 Being Requirements driven

 Requirements are an entry into the connected world. -  They define what a project is to do and provide the check that it has been completed successfully.  In a normal world which is uncertain – the discipline of noting why you are doing so why you need … and what you expect the result to be - ground everything that you will do.   This does not exclude fantasies - but you need t have a vision witch is achievable.  I can rapidly find out the aims of a project and draw out the key features that make it a great success and the whimsies that make it creative.

 Being Knowledgeable and Experienced

Knowledge on its own is not worth very much; being able to access and then apply knowledge is far more helpful... which gives experience. If you join them up then this is the innovation which drives the world forward.  There is so much information out there – and it is the art of knowing what is relevant and noting what can be found serendipitously as well as by analysis which gives creativity.
I have enjoyed a very varied career – and thus amassed experience from a number of facets in the UK, Europe and beyond, and have a very retentive and joined up memory to be able to apply what I know to the matter in hand.

 Being Educative

 “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day – if you teach a man to fish you feed him for life”  If things are to be a success, everyone involved has to learn.  
Education means the drawing out of what is there already- it just needs people to discover how to do this - to apply them.
However in today’s Media landscape things are changing so rapidly that learning the right things at the right time becomes all the more important. I have been teaching people – through my work, the IEE/IET and the RTS – but this is not surprising as I come from a Family of teachers.  

 Having a long term relationships

 It gives me so much pleasure to see what I have been involved in grow and develop – and the ways in which ideas are taken by people and turned into reality. Thus I have a great affection for all those who I have met in many years in media, business and engineering.


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